Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i have been gone for a long time

I could say I spent all this time improving myself, getting better, wearing off regrets, you know.
But if I'm honest (and I am), I spent all last year recovering from my eating disoder, then going to school, and then being a teenage drunk, and then failing school and getting sober, whilst still trying not to relapse into my eating disorder. All of that is in the past now, nothing but faded memories in the back of my mind, in a box labelled 'yuck!' This year has been a slightly different and starnge experience, I faced the new year with no school to go to, no job to work, and absolutely no addiction or illness to blame my lack of direction on, after all, I'd been blaming my lack of direction on my ailments for so long, it was starting to get old, if not irritating.

To put it another way, I spent last year destroying everything, and I spent the first part of this year putting myself together again, one piece at a time, a bit like smashed glass, you can put it together, but you'll never get all the pieces back in the right places, but I like the way I've put myself together, I've become the person I was trying to be all the way through my teenage years. I'm no guru, I'm no philosopher or therapist, but if I've got any advice, it would be this: NEVER TRY TO FIND YOURSELF, because really you're there all along, if you live free and truthful and do exactly what is right for you, you'll realise one day that you are already everything you ever wanted to be. These are the lessons you learn when all you do is paint, these are the things you're faced with when your future is blank and there are no certainties, not even any 'maybes', when everything is unwritten you HAVE to learn about yourself, you have to find some sort of spiritual balance, otherwise you're a zombie, otherwise you drift into nothingness and oblivion, another sheep in the system. No Thankyou!

Anyway, this year I've been painting and creating all day every day, I have no job, I don't go to school, I CREATE. My lifestyle is, at times, questionable, but I am happy, For the first time in my entire life I am not shackled to rules, I am not pressured by society, there is no knife held to my heart and no dull ache in my brain, I live in my own time and space, where I create, and I play and I breathe, I properly breathe! And this my friends, is my little space on the internet, where I'm going to share it all, I despair for my creations when they sit in my room, dead to the world. I am excited by art, I can't sleep at night when I think about it, I want to share everything. After all, I have spent most of my teenage years crying, drinking or starving, I want to share my strange little world of bliss amongst chaos, stars in eyes, surrealist nightmares and escapist dreams, here, my friends, is my life.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


have been neglecting my blog for a long time, bringing it back to life as we speak.
i have a new email,, so email me from that, rather than my hiptop address.

im going to be selling a bunch of my paintings, they are works from 2007-2010. should be good. pictures later. some will be more expensive than others, but all will be affordable.

also reopening etsy soon, with crazy scarves, hats and more toys ! but im really focusing on paintings at the moment.

stay tuned.

lots of love, miss avalanche

blog warrior

So I have this fancy little app on my phone that lets me easily update my blog from wherever I am. So that means lots and lots of posts :D

photos + details soon of the paintings im selling

Love, miss avalanche

Friday, August 21, 2009

etsy offer

so i have made a few sales, but i really wanna clear out most of the items in my shop to make way for new, big amigurumis, like the kitty in my last post, so im offering you guys a buy one get one free sort of deal.

so, if you buy one of these bunnies:

and you'll get one of these adorable bunny keychains (pictured) completely free! just remember to specify what colour you want !

Friday, August 7, 2009


i enjoy roasting cashews on my oil burner. mmm

try it ahaha they taste really good and much quicker than using an oven and no weird microwave taste ;D

Thursday, August 6, 2009

big amigurumi

im taking a new direction on etsy, ive decided to make one-of-a-kind amigurumis, which are larger than average and have their own litle accessories and quirks.

just listed this guy, he's a pale yellow kitty with his very own scarf !

check him out at

Thursday, July 30, 2009

muesli done !


markers on canvas


thinking about selling this one, interested?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


mmm almonds peanuts sunflower seeds cashews gojis cherries applerings banana chips raisins and a strawberry.



marker on canvas
work in progress.
ill post a new picture once it's all coloured up !

Monday, July 13, 2009

skateboard progress

lots done,but much more to go. cant wait to finish!

have actually done more lineart since this photo but ill wait to show you that.

:) i reallt dig mr muffin with the ciggy. he's a cool kid.

i wanna paint crap like this for the rest of my life. think of the possibilities,skateboards, guitars,ukeleles, shoes, plates, mugs, computers, sewing machines, ashtrays, bags, etcetc.

:D the future is bright my friends.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

prince and prints

starfish and coffee
maple syrup and jam
butterscotch clouds
a tangerine
a side order of ham
if you set your mind free baby
maybe you'd understand
starfish and coffee
maple syrup and jam
-starfish and coffee - prince

go listen to it, prince is wonderful.

anyway. new painting inspired by that song.
markers on canvas.

what do you think? (the photo doesn't do it justice at all)
im thinking prints?